An Invitation To Join The Sodus Bay Yacht Club


 When you become a member of the Sodus Bay Yacht Club you are opening the door to many fun experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime as well as to many benefits and programs designed to add value to your membership 


We come together over the love of boating. Whether you are a sail boater, power boater, or without a boat, the people you meet and the friends you will make will mean so much more to you than any of the brick and mortar facilities. Our full service bar & dining room, second floor lounge, spacious grounds, and gorgeous waterfront view present an inviting atmosphere for our members to socialize. When you walk into the club... everybody knows your name! You are met with an extended hand ready to assist or greet you with a smile.

Membership Information


 An Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss


New Membership

Take advantage of our special offer to get acquainted with our members, activities, programs, and facilities in an affordable manner.


Year 1 : $756 (incl. Sales Tax), or $658.80 if under 35 years old. 

Year 2 : Full Dues per following membership categories.

During this time you will have full use of the facility and all membership privileges. A limited number of docks and moorings are available. Normal fees apply for docks, moorings, storage and small boat program. 


What type of membership fits you?

Active membership (which includes spouses, partners, or significant others) is available to those aged 18 or older. Such membership entitles everyone living in the same household with the Active member, including children under age 20, to participate in all club activities

Senior Active membership is available to those aged 65 and over who also have 20 or more years of membership seniority. These members are entitled to all club activities available to Active members.

Senior Active (75+) membership is available to those aged 75 or older at the beginning of the calendar year or older, with or without accrued seniority. These members are entitled to all club activities available to Active members.

Active Intermediate members are those aged 18-35 at the beginning of the calendar year.  These members are entitled to all club activities available to Active members.

Intermediate members are those aged 26 through 30 at the beginning of the calendar year. They have access to all club activities, except voting privileges, a dock assignment, or elective office.  For Intermediate members, Club initiation fees are waived and seniority accrues.

Junior membership is available to those who are age 14 to 25 at the beginning of the calendar year. Initiation fee is waived for Juniors. Juniors have access to all club activities except the right of assignment of a dock or mooring, voting, or holding an elected office at the Club, but seniority accrues.

Non-Resident membership shall be available to those persons aged 18 or older who reside a straight-line distance of more than 250 statute miles from the Club and who reside less than 250 statute miles from the Club for less than 15 days during the boating season of May 1 to November 1 each year. A Non-Resident member has access to all activities of the club, except voting rights, assignment of a dock or mooring, and the ability to hold elective office. Seniority does not accrue under a Non-Resident membership.

Life and Honorary memberships are available to members on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.​


We ask for only two items:

1) A letter of introduction


2) A completed SBYC membership application form


This letter helps us get to know you, your boating history and your expectations for membership at SBYC.


Application for membership requires two Active or Senior Active members that are in good standing and have been members of the club for at least one year to serve as your sponsors. If you are new to the area or just do not know of any members for sponsorship, contact the Rear Commodore and arrange a meeting at the club. We would love to meet you, give you a tour, tell you about the club. That way we can get to know each other.


We are a dynamic organization with a wide variety of boating and social activities. Though we have a professional club manager and house staff, this is a volunteer organization. Our flag officers and directors are volunteers. Committee members are volunteers.  Regatta and race management, early bird dinners, die hard dinners, coordination of cruising activities – all volunteer. We love boating and we love the camaraderie of a group dedicated to boating. Member participation is how this all works. The application has a section for you to share your volunteer interest and skills.


You do not need a boat to be a member of SBYC.

You may be new to boating, between boats, a racer on someone 

else’s boat, or maybe done with your boating.

And, you have the opportunity to get out on the water at minimal expense on one of SBYC’s four Ideal 18 sailboats.


Rear Commodore

The Rear Commodore of the club is responsible for the membership records and the application and approval process for all new members. The current Rear Commodore and can be reached at


Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore coordinates all docks, moorings and drysail assignments. To find out more about availability of these benefits contact the Vice Commodore at

Membership Catagories and Cost